Cascina Lana has distant roots: it is Nino’s birthplace and the first original winery, consisting of five hectares: in 1937 Davide Baldizzone, Nino’s father, bought the current winery and new land adjacent to his own up to the current twenty three hectares. Nino and his wife Graziana took over the administration of the company in the 1970s: thus began a great adventure made of love for the territory and a great passion for quality wines

Vandemmia - Cascina Lana


The harvest takes place manually according to the ripeness of the grapes: the 23 hectares of property mainly planted with Barbera, Dolcetto, Cortese and Moscato are constantly monitored and the grapes are analyzed in order to reach optimal ripeness.

Raccolta - Cascina Lana


The freshly harvested grapes are transported to the cellar with the help of a bigoon: the white grapes are de-stemmed and pressed, while the red ones are de-stemmed and crushed. This is followed by a phase of pumping over and decanting in the tank, decanting and filtration and maturation.

Cugna - Cascina Lana


The ancient tradition of Cugnà is still maintained. The Barbera grapes are pressed with the feet, the must is cooked for more than twelve hours and walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, apples and pears, quinces, figs, plums and orange peels are added. The monsterard obtained is excellent to accompany cheeses, mixed boiled meat

The art of healthy pleasure

Since 1981 Nino and Graziana have been carrying on their passion for wine with love and professionalism: the Baldizzone’s family has the rare and precious ability to make the customer feel at ease, creating not only a commercial relationship, but also a friendly and familiar one in front of a slice of salami and a glass of wine.

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